Champlain XC places 1st in 100on100 Relay

Champlain XC placed 1st in the Ultra (3-person) relay at the 100on100 Relay from Stowe, VT to Okemo, VT on August, 17th. The race is 100 miles mostly on VT route 100. The race is divided into 18 different legs ranging from 4-8 miles each. The Champlain XC team consisted of Brian Culmo (’15), Bret Dewhurst and Matt Angelo. Each runner ran 6 legs of the relay on the day for a total mileage between 32 and 36 miles each. Their overall finish time was 12 hours 32 minutes, averaging a 7:40 mile pace over the 100 mile course. The team was supported by Nick Pugliese (’13) and Anthony Tognelli (’17) who acted as drivers for team vehicle, as well as giving well needed encouragement and support throughout. The race, which also includes 6-person relay teams was a fun day with constant cheering on from the 150+ other teams on course.  The beautiful Vermont scenery, fun atmosphere and enthusiastic team members made for a great day of racing. ImageImageImage


VCM is around the corner


Next week is Memorial Day, and you know what that means… Marathon weekend in Burlington. Vermont City Marathon here we come! We got a couple 2 person relay teams running and a few people doing the full 26.2 for the first time!


Rollin Irish Half Marathon

This past Saturday was the Rollin Irish Half Marathon. We had 5 people complete the hilly 13.1 mile curse in Essex, Vermont. Eric Heiman, Dayna Comeau, and Ethan Farmer all completed their first ever Half Marathon. Brian Culmo and Elias Connolly also ran great. We had multiple top 3 finishes in age group races. Brian Culmo placed 5th overall and 3rd in the 20-29 age group with a time of 1:22:53. Ethan and Eli took 2-3 in the under 20 age group with times of 1:41:06 and 1:53:23 respectively. Dayna finished in 1:59:34 and Eric ran 2:00:43. The course was tough with some classic Vermont hills on mostly dirt roads, and the wind became a factor in the last 3 miles with a strong headwind. The race was a culmination of a semester of training for the team throughout the cold winter. The team’s hard efforts paid off on Saturday with these great results. Much of the team is now shifting focus to the Vermont City Marathon at the end of May where we have some people competing in the full 26.2 for the first time as well as a number of 2-person relay teams. From there it will be on to summer training 


Green Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon

The Green Mountain Marathon and Half marathon was held on Sunday, Oct 14th in South Hero, VT. Brian Culmo (’15) ran in the half marathon and came in 5th place overall, and 2nd in the 20-29 age group. He ran a personal best time of 1:23:19. The course was very flat but strong headwinds from the open fields and lake nearby caused issues for all the runners for about 5 miles on the way back on the out and back course. The rest of the team was volunteering at a water station for the half and full marathon. Everyone braved the cool temperatures, wind and occasional rain to aid the runners of both races. The team stood outside for the good part of 6 hours, but everyone seemed to have a good time volunteering and hanging with each other.

Art Tudhope 10k

It was just Brian Culmo running at the Art Tudhope 10k in Shelbourne, VT on Oct 6th. the race was held near Shelbourne orchards and the lake on mostly flat dirt road. Brian ran the 10k course in a personal best 37:25 coming in 3rd place overall.  the ominous rain held off, but the winds did not as the returning 3 miles in the out and back course featured a strong headwind to contend with. The flat course offered a chance for fast times and the racing did not disappoint.

Catamount 5K 9/18/12


This Tuesday the team ran at the last of Catamount 5k trail run races. The course was different as usual, it was a new black arrows on yellow, which meant it was way faster, flatter, and wider trails than usual. The new course, and less than 5k distance made for a seemingly very quick race. everyone ran well, with some great performances on the trails. There was a nice sprint finish amongst Ethan and Everett, and everyone enjoyed running fast on the trails. Despite forecasted rain, the real heavy weather held off until after the finish, with only light rain and winds to contend with during the race.

Results (distance ❤ miles ish)

Div Place    Name           Overall place     Time                        
3 Brian Culmo 5 16:39.2 7 Spencer Cray 13 17:52.5 8 Jacob Mott 18 18:42.2 9 Ethan Farmer 21 18:48.7 10 Everett Ackerman 22 18:49.5 13 Elias Connolly 36 19:55.5 16 Eric Heiman 75 23:12.0

4 Katherine Ramsey 51 21:04.9

Jay Peak Trail Races 25k

Another weekend, another race. This one just as grueling as the last. The Jay Peak Trail 25k was an intense trail running test up the mountain, down the mountain, around the ski area, back up the hill a few more times, and around the trails some more. Most of the race was run on ski trails, but there was some single track involved. There was some epic hills in this one. at about mile 4 the course went up about 1700ft in elevation gain in about 2 mile. For those doing the math, that’s steep. and that was just the second major climb of the day, with many more to come. At the summit it was nice to see my XC teamate Spencer, and coach Bret, which were volunteering manning the water station at the top. Then it was down and up and around for a while. the legs burned every single uphill. It was impossible to run up every slope, as the steepness, distance and multitude of hills just add up in pain. As the race progressed the hills that I needed to walk part of seemed to increase. The last few miles were spent in lonely agony, as the race spread out quite a lot. I finished the race in 4th place overall and in first place for the 20-29 division, which I was quite proud of, considering it was a race I only had goals of finishing honorably. It felt amazing to sit and relax at the base area of Jay and enjoy the beautiful day and the free barbeque, (which was much better than last weeks barbeque). I had some time to kill, as Bret and Spencer were still volunteering up top for the simultaneously run 5oK (2 laps of the course I did), so I chilled at the bottom and met some interesting people as i cheered on the runners who trickled in. The race was very rewarding and quite the challenge, and I feel very accomplished to have conquered the course.


The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont


On Sunday I ran the The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont. This race was quite the experience. the race is 4.3 miles up Mt. Mansfield’s toll road, with a total elevation gain of 2550ft. That’s a lot. The race is one giant hill with steepness averaging about 10% with sections over 20% incline. The goal of many racers is to simply finish this agonizingly difficult course, and mine was no different. I simply wanted to finish without walking at all. This was my first time doing the race, so I had no idea what to expect. The course starts off immediately with a 15%+ hill for the first half mile, so literally a minute into the race is was completely dead. I had to find a way to recover while still climbing uphill. I eventually found my rhythm, and realized it is impossible to think about what other people are doing, and only focus on yourself, and what your body can do.  It was incredibly rewarding to finish this race on the ridgeline of Mt. Mansfield, with incredible views. I accomplished my goal of not walking and finished the race in 46:11. i will never have 11 minute miles hurt so much. After the race i had to walk down the toll road to my car, then i went over to the Stowe baselodge to enjoy a BBQ and the awards/raffle. The raffle at this race was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. They had probably almost 200 prizes worth a total of $16,000. I ended up winning a $50 giftcard to a bike store in South Burlington and some beef sticks! Overall the race was very fun and a great challenge.



Catamount 5k Trail Run

I did my first Catamount trail run 5k this year on Tuesday after arriving in Burlington in the morning. I did the race alone, but the series always has a laid back and familiar feel. The usual faces I see throughout the season were all there, and the competition was tough as expected. They ran the blue course this week, but they alternate between 3 different super fun courses that have really tight turns, technical trail running and single track the majority of the way. These races are not XC races, they are trail runs; there is a difference which I learned last year at my first Catamount. I felt like I was flying through the trails, but either by the technicality of the course or the supposed extra distance, my time was only 22:37 for the 5k. After last year I have expected slower times at Catamount, and I cannot be disappointed with what I ran. It felt really good to get some speed work in, after doing a lot more distance work this summer. now it is time for final meetings to get things organized before everyone else arrives on campus on Friday. Excited to meet the team and start training together.


Summer training begins

Sad to leave Burlington today, but excited to be done with finals. now I can continue my training at home in Connecticut. No terrain here will compare to the great views I got everyday running in and Burlington. I will certainly miss seeing the lake and mountains on my daily runs. its crazy that we only have something like 10 days until our Tough Mudder, and then another 3 weeks until the Vermont City marathon. Already excited to run back in Burlington, with the added fun of a race, and crowds! As for the XC team, we have a lot going on as we continue our work on organizing our application for the YSCC (Yankee Small College Conference) and NECA (New England Collegiate Association), details to come in a later post.

(and we have a new facebook group! check out the links tab for the link.)