Vermont City Marathon Report

Vermont City Marathon celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year with special guests Jeff Galloway, Bill Rogers, Frank Shorter and Bart Yasso joining in with the 8,000 runners, 20,000 spectators, and 1,500 volunteers.  It is simply the biggest race in the state of Vermont in sheer numbers and popularity.

This year, we had the largest number of students, alumni, staff and faculty who ran the race, totaling about 20 overall runners.  “VCM” is without a doubt one of my favorite times of the year, and I appreciate the time and effort that is required to train for this challenging course.  The hills aren’t brutal, but they require adequate training to be successful.

Sophomore’s Everett (4:02:53) and Elias (4:16:40)  tackled the full marathon along with recent graduate, Dayna (5:05:42).  Brian/Eric (3:59:02) and Kevin (3:46:45), along with myself & Darin (3:48:20), completed the 1/2 marathon and all runners placed well.  Several recent graduates, including Rachel (4:05:14), Adam (3:40:19) completed the course as well.  (Times for 1/2 marathoners are combined)

Every year, the weather is varied, but this year had one of the worst conditions in recent history.  The team met in Battery Park at 7:00am to light rain and 41 degrees.  The temperature stayed about the same for the entire race and wind and rain made conditions rather challenging.  Temperature was perfect for the run, but rain/wind made things exceptionally challenging to keep warm, especially while getting ready for the 8:03am start time.

This event provides closure to a successful year, and will continue to remain a tradition for CCXC to participate in.


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