Catamount 5K 9/18/12


This Tuesday the team ran at the last of Catamount 5k trail run races. The course was different as usual, it was a new black arrows on yellow, which meant it was way faster, flatter, and wider trails than usual. The new course, and less than 5k distance made for a seemingly very quick race. everyone ran well, with some great performances on the trails. There was a nice sprint finish amongst Ethan and Everett, and everyone enjoyed running fast on the trails. Despite forecasted rain, the real heavy weather held off until after the finish, with only light rain and winds to contend with during the race.

Results (distance ❤ miles ish)

Div Place    Name           Overall place     Time                        
3 Brian Culmo 5 16:39.2 7 Spencer Cray 13 17:52.5 8 Jacob Mott 18 18:42.2 9 Ethan Farmer 21 18:48.7 10 Everett Ackerman 22 18:49.5 13 Elias Connolly 36 19:55.5 16 Eric Heiman 75 23:12.0

4 Katherine Ramsey 51 21:04.9

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