Jay Peak Trail Races 25k

Another weekend, another race. This one just as grueling as the last. The Jay Peak Trail 25k was an intense trail running test up the mountain, down the mountain, around the ski area, back up the hill a few more times, and around the trails some more. Most of the race was run on ski trails, but there was some single track involved. There was some epic hills in this one. at about mile 4 the course went up about 1700ft in elevation gain in about 2 mile. For those doing the math, that’s steep. and that was just the second major climb of the day, with many more to come. At the summit it was nice to see my XC teamate Spencer, and coach Bret, which were volunteering manning the water station at the top. Then it was down and up and around for a while. the legs burned every single uphill. It was impossible to run up every slope, as the steepness, distance and multitude of hills just add up in pain. As the race progressed the hills that I needed to walk part of seemed to increase. The last few miles were spent in lonely agony, as the race spread out quite a lot. I finished the race in 4th place overall and in first place for the 20-29 division, which I was quite proud of, considering it was a race I only had goals of finishing honorably. It felt amazing to sit and relax at the base area of Jay and enjoy the beautiful day and the free barbeque, (which was much better than last weeks barbeque). I had some time to kill, as Bret and Spencer were still volunteering up top for the simultaneously run 5oK (2 laps of the course I did), so I chilled at the bottom and met some interesting people as i cheered on the runners who trickled in. The race was very rewarding and quite the challenge, and I feel very accomplished to have conquered the course.



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