The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont


On Sunday I ran the The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont. This race was quite the experience. the race is 4.3 miles up Mt. Mansfield’s toll road, with a total elevation gain of 2550ft. That’s a lot. The race is one giant hill with steepness averaging about 10% with sections over 20% incline. The goal of many racers is to simply finish this agonizingly difficult course, and mine was no different. I simply wanted to finish without walking at all. This was my first time doing the race, so I had no idea what to expect. The course starts off immediately with a 15%+ hill for the first half mile, so literally a minute into the race is was completely dead. I had to find a way to recover while still climbing uphill. I eventually found my rhythm, and realized it is impossible to think about what other people are doing, and only focus on yourself, and what your body can do.  It was incredibly rewarding to finish this race on the ridgeline of Mt. Mansfield, with incredible views. I accomplished my goal of not walking and finished the race in 46:11. i will never have 11 minute miles hurt so much. After the race i had to walk down the toll road to my car, then i went over to the Stowe baselodge to enjoy a BBQ and the awards/raffle. The raffle at this race was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. They had probably almost 200 prizes worth a total of $16,000. I ended up winning a $50 giftcard to a bike store in South Burlington and some beef sticks! Overall the race was very fun and a great challenge.




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