Catamount 5k Trail Run

I did my first Catamount trail run 5k this year on Tuesday after arriving in Burlington in the morning. I did the race alone, but the series always has a laid back and familiar feel. The usual faces I see throughout the season were all there, and the competition was tough as expected. They ran the blue course this week, but they alternate between 3 different super fun courses that have really tight turns, technical trail running and single track the majority of the way. These races are not XC races, they are trail runs; there is a difference which I learned last year at my first Catamount. I felt like I was flying through the trails, but either by the technicality of the course or the supposed extra distance, my time was only 22:37 for the 5k. After last year I have expected slower times at Catamount, and I cannot be disappointed with what I ran. It felt really good to get some speed work in, after doing a lot more distance work this summer. now it is time for final meetings to get things organized before everyone else arrives on campus on Friday. Excited to meet the team and start training together.



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