The LAST Week (Nov 13-19)

Hey everyone,

Sad to say it’s the last week of CRT for the fall season. On a good note, it’s been a great time! We’ve ran 10 races– ranging from mud and roots in the Catamount trail runs, to Downtown 10k through the streets on Burlington, and the ultra-fast Fallen Leaves 5k two weeks ago. And let’s not forget our pasta parties, the Green Mountain water station (serving fresh pears!), red rocks run, haunted Halloween run, hills of doom workout, and the gorgeous sunset runs we got in (before daylight savings ruined that.) THANKS everyone for a great season!

If you haven’t gotten your shirt yet (Jacob W., Chentel, Dayna, Meghan, Katie, and Ellen,) I’ll bring them to practice again this week for you to pick up. We’ll be hanging out by the Fitness Center before practice from 5-5:15 on Tuesday and Friday as usual.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the End-of-Season Party at 6pm on Friday, December 2nd at Bret’s Apartment!

Here’s the schedule for the week:


Practice 5 pm outside the Fitness Center.


Don’t forget to sign up for the LAST Fallen Leaves 5k by midnight on Wednesday!


Short run at 5 pm outside the Fitness Center.


Fallen Leaves in Montpelier. Meet in the IDX parking lot at 7:45 am for a ride. Darin, Brian, and I will be driving straight to Boston after the race, so if you need a ride to Boston and don’t mind chipping in for gas, we have one more seat available. If you need to get back to Burlington after the race, Bret should be able to drive.


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