This week for CRT (October 10-17)

Green Mountain Marathon

Hey team,

Did you know that our attendance at practices and races this season has been the best it’s even been since CRT started in 2009? It may seem like a small group at each practice, but considering we host at least 3 events each week, our team is holding up strong! Thanks everyone for your hard work so far and looking forward to 6 more weeks of races, practices, and pasta parties!

Now, down to business. The next two weeks are important for our team. We have our two volunteer opportunities, the Marathon and Parent’s Weekend. This is our chance to show off our team to other runners and to the rest of Champlain. The more good publicity we get, the more support we get from Champlain, and the more money we get in our budget next year! So don’t forget to sign up for at least one volunteer event this week!

Secondly, we have a really cool race coming up: the global health 5k. It’s for a great cause, it’s right next door at UVM, and it doesn’t start until 11 am. Do you need any more reason to sign up? Also, next weekend, there is no race, so this is your big chance!

Here’s the calendar:

Wednesday: Practice at 5. Meet outside the fitness center. We’ll leave at 5:15. Also, deadline for the Global Health 5k sign up.

Friday: Practice at 5. Meet outside the fitness center. We’ll leave at 5:15.

Saturday: Global Health 5k at 11 am. That’s right, people, we don’t have to wake up early for ONE race this season and this is it! Meet in the IDX parking lot at 10:20 am to run up to UVM together!

Sunday: Green Mountain Marathon. We need ONE MORE person to sign up to volunteer at the Green Mountain Marathon water station on Sunday. If you’ve never seen a marathon before, this is a really cool opportunity. Plus, we need to cheer on our own Brian Culmo on his first marathon ever!



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