5 Reasons to Run this Fall

It’s never easy to start running–we, runners, always come up with at least 50 excuses not to run before we get up the courage to do it. The important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll never regret a good workout.

That’s why CRT is presenting 5 reasons to run this fall, so that no matter what excuses you come up with, you’ll always have 5 good reasons to toss on your sneakers anyways, and come join us for a run.

1. You’ll have a hotter bod. Want a good reason to buy a new pair of jeans for fall? What better reason to treat yourself than that new runner’s body that you want to show off?

2. You’ll make new friends. It’s not hard to bond with people you work hard with every week to get over the mental challenges of running. Runners have a reputation of being some of the friendliest and kindest athletes, so if you want to make some solid friendships at Champlain, CRT is definitely the right place.

3. You’ll stress less. Classes and work can get you down sometimes, but running is a proven way to rid yourself of stress. Getting a good workout can help you clear your head and put your problems in perspective.

4. You have an excuse to play outside. Once you get busy with school work and meetings, everything can start to blend together, but blocking out some time on your calendar for CRT practices and races will guarantee you some quality time spent outdoors. We at CRT don’t shy away from having fun on our runs, either; get ready for impromptu swims, glow-in-the-dark runs and plenty more.

5. You’ll accomplish a different type of goals. Passing your classes and paying your bills are one kind of accomplishment, but finishing your first 5k or half marathon has a totally different kind of reward. If you really want to impress yourself this semester, make some goals for your running right now!


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